Be Bold Live Free
Be Bold Live Free
Episode 12: Laura Padgett

Alcoholism and abuse.  And then there was love and life transformation…

Laura Padgett grew to adulthood without any idea of what love was. She didn’t know you could have relationships that didn’t involve screaming and hitting. As a child she woke up every morning wondering what would happen that day. Before day’s end, would there be police at the door?

Alcoholism and domestic violence informed her childhood, loss of her father to a brain tumor and then abandonment by her mother defined her late teens. She learned to take care of herself and her younger sister by becoming tough. Laura says she developed a blackbelt tongue.

In her mid-twenties, everything began to change for Laura when she met a woman named Dolores who gently led her to the love of Jesus. A Savior she had believed didn’t have any interest in her at all. She believed she was invisible to him, to God, because she had been excluded by some religious people as a child who told her so. (Laura explains in this podcast episode).  

No matter how broken we are, or to what degree we have been abused or addicted to alcohol or another substance, when we open our hearts to God – life transformation is possible.

Laura’s wisdom and insight provide hope and encouragement for all of us. She has a quick wit and embraces life with exuberance and a passion to teach and help others.

About Laura L. Padgett


Laura is a multi-published, multi-awarded author and dancer. Her two nonfiction books “Dolores, Like the River” and “Jesus in Shorts: Twenty-five Short Stories of Life-Changing Jesus Moments” are among her many published works. With a passion for helping others see their worth and value through the lens of Jesus, she shares stories of God’s love and lessons in her journey of well over six decades. Through her monthly blog, “Livin’ What You’re Given”, she speaks with humor and authenticity into the truth that we are valuable and have purpose at every age and every stage. Laura also has been published in “Chicken Soup for the Soul” as well as many online Christian publications. Recently, Padgett started a podcast named after her blog, “Livin’ What You’re Given.” As she shares stories in various forms, she encourages others to find healing and inspiration for their life’s purpose in the Risen Christ. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, and proud native of Colorado who lives in Montrose, Co with husband Keith. She holds an MA in storytelling through creative movement from Regis University.



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