Be Bold Live Free
Be Bold Live Free
Episode 1, Anna LeBaron, Part 1

Anna LeBaron was born into a more dramatically abusive environment than most of us will ever be exposed to, yet what she experienced is common to many abuse victims.

The effects of growing up in her family of origin left her traumatized due to the multiple forms of abuse and the severe neglect she experienced.

“You can be in an abusive situation without knowing that what you are experiencing is abuse.”

A quote from Anna, a statement that resonates with me and may also touch a nerve with you. She also discusses having no voice and no choice about what she was ordered to do. Though her situation was extreme, this is common for women caught up in a manipulative and controlling relationship with an abuser.

Later in her life, Anna explains the grit and determination it took to leave a marriage that was abusive. As a woman in her mid-forties, she still did not realize that what she was experiencing was abuse. Listen as Anna shares the story of how God opened her eyes, and what happened next…

Resources mentioned by Anna in this episode:


The Life-Saving Divorce: Hope for People Leaving Destructive Relationships  Gretchen Bakersville

Overcoming the Narcissist, Sociopath, Psychopath, and Other Domestic Abusers: The Comprehensive Handbook to Recognize, Remove, and Recover from Abuse Charlene D. Quint, J.D., C.D.V.P.

Anna has generously offered to send a signed copy of Charlene Quint’s book to the listener whose name is drawn for our Be Bold Live Free Giveaway. To enter the drawing, simply Like this episode and write a review. 

Be sure to watch for Be Bold Live Free Episode 2, the conclusion of my interview with Anna LeBaron.

About Anna LeBaron

One of more than fifty children of infamous, polygamist cult leader, Ervil LeBaron, Anna LeBaron endured abandonment, horrific living conditions, child labor, and sexual grooming. At age thirteen, she escaped the violent cult, gave her life to Christ, and sought healing. A gifted communicator and personal growth activist, she’s passionate about helping others walk in freedom. Anna lives in the DFW Metroplex and loves being Mom to her five grown children.

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